Natural Body Care that You’ll Love

Nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit with the power & simplicity of nature.
psssst… our products just happen to be sustainable, zero-waste, made right here in the USA, and just what your skin ordered.

Natural Hair Care

Shampoo Bars, Solid Conditioner,
and Nourishing Hair Tea.

Sulfate-free | Silicone-free | Paraben-free

Tooth Goods

Tooth Suds are Soap for Your Teeth
(that tastes great).

Flouride-Free | No added Glycerine | Travel-Friendly

Real Soap

We’ve got a bar for your body, face, and even the kitchen sink.

Natural Oils & Botanicals | Synthetic-Free | Long-Lasting Bars

Natural Body

Boost your skincare regime with natural butters, facemasks and more.

All Natural Ingredients | Sustainable Packaging

Custom Soap

From weddings and showers to corporate events (or just because you want a stash of amazing soap).

All Natural | Color & Scent Options | Custom Packaging

Natural products, crafted to make sustainable sense.

Our products are handcrafted with botanicals, natural oils and butters, clays and essential oils.
Our packaging is common sense, sustainable, and made in the USA.

Made In Usa
Palm Free
Natural Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging
Animal Friendly

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2 months ago
Laura Sanders
(verified owner)
Like it!
5 months ago
Renee Morris
(verified owner)
Love the shampoo bar! Makes my hair feel great without residue feeling left.
6 months ago
Love the travel bars. This one went with me on a trip to visit my sister. I should have brought her a bar too!
10 months ago
My hair is about 14-17” long and naturally curly. I was very skeptical about this conditioner bar, but it is amazing. I will finally be able to stop buying shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles. Woo hoo!
1 year ago
Love this conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling great and I feel good about not creating more plastic waste by using bottled conditioner.
2 years ago
Lindsey Black
It’s my first time trying a conditioner bar… And I like it! It smells good and saves a lot of space in my shower. I only wish the bar was bigger… My hair is long and needs quite a bit of conditioner. I also appreciate the quality and Eco-friendly design. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll go through this, so we’ll see how cost effective it is for me, personally… But so far I’m a believer! PS shipping was fast!!! And packaging was on point!!

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Natural Aroma Blends

Our products feature pure and natural aromas from their ingredients (including essential oils). You’ll never find synthetic scents or fragrances in Alo Goods.

Peppy Orange Mint Soap


An all-natural essential oil blend featuring a citrus & mint base for aromas to energize your spirit and stimulate your mind.

Calm Lavender Charcoal Soap


Lavender filled soaps, butters, and balms will calm the mind and focus your spirit. A must have for relazing spa-like experiences.

Pure Oatmeal Soap


Unscented for those with sensitive skins… and for those who love the pure natural aromas of oils, butters, and botanicals.

Swirled Soap Bulk Order


Small batch artisan soaps, handcrafted with luxury ingredients and unique essential oil blends.

Natural Soaps and Skincare – Everyday Must-Haves

Zero Waste Tins

Zero Waste Reusable Tins

A few fun ideas to reuse our tin-plated steel containers. FYI – they are food-grade so you can wash and upcycle them again and again!
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