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Mantra 5

Mantra: Prayer. Meditation. Affirmation. {SOAP}

Turn handwashing into a restorative retreat for your mind and spirit.

Natural Menthol Rub

Natural Menthol Vapor Salve

Breath deeply and reduce tension with our cooling natural menthol rub. A retreat for sinuses and sore muscles.

Natural Body Care You Can Be Proud Of

Natural products, handcrafted in the USA, from botanicals and plant-based oils.
Shipped to you in common-sense packaging that’s reusable, recyclable, and compostable.

Learn about Alo Goods & find out what’s in our products.

Made In Usa. A Colorado Family-Owned Business.
Palm Free Skin Care
Skincare made with Natural Ingredients
Vegan Skin care, Hair care, and Oral Care
Sustainable Packaging
Animal Friendly
Natural Cotton Sling Bag 3

Proud to be Natural Sling Bag

Order $45+ to receive your free gift.


All-natural Shampoo Bars, Solid Conditioner, and Nourishing Hair Tea.

Sulfate-free | Silicone-free | Paraben-free


Clean, remineralize, and prevent bacterial buildup with a PH balanced approach for a natural mouth.

Fluoride-free | SLS-free | Alcohol-Free
Vegan Zero-waste Oral Care


Boost your skincare regimen with natural butters, soaps, facemasks and more.

All-natural Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging

From Our Customers

Solid Conditioner Bar
Hair Care

I would give this product 10 stars if I could.

“This is the best conditioner I’ve used in my ENTIRE LIFE, no exaggeration. I literally said “wow no way” out loud in the shower after using it. “
~Falon Bell

Natural Soap 3bar Bundle
Natural Soap

Every soap we tried we have loved!

“It has been great for my partners psoriasis and my sensitive skin. The soaps are super moisturizing as well! We will definitely be continuing to purchase from Alō goods.”
~Krystal M.

Oral Care Natural Tooth Soap
Oral Care

Great bars of tooth soap!

“My mouth, teeth feel so much cleaner. Bars are so easy to use, better than slivers of tooth soap, or natural toothpaste in a tube.”
~Robert C.

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