About Alō Goods

Alō Goods is a small family owned and operated company with a passion for high quality natural products. We have a respect for nature, nostalgia for the simpler days, and a passion for nourishing through nature.

alō [Latin] to feed, nourish, support, sustain, maintain

From our hands to yours, our goal is a return to sustainable, natural living. Our products are handmade in a private kitchen with natural ingredients (never with synthetics, artificial fragrances, or petroleum-based ingredients) and packaged in either recyclable, compostable, or re-usable materials.  

Alō - Nourishing Through Nature

Our goal goes beyond the physical product: we aim to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Nourish the body ...

with natural products from the outside in. Our products are all natural, handmade using only ingredients that would make Mother Nature proud.

Nourish the mind ...

by sharing honest information about the products you put on your body and easing worries about introducing chemicals through your skin. In fact, all of our ingredients are listed in plain English.

Nourish the spirit ...

with handcrafted goods made from natural ingredients you can trust and that speak to the spirit. From my hands to yours, please know that every product that leaves my home has been lovingly crafted with care and meditation.

The Alō Origin Story

In 2014, our owner, Kandra, started a small Etsy shop selling handmade goods inspired by holiday gifts crafted for friends and family. She fell in love with not just making handmade items, but sharing them with others and hearing how their healthy and nourished skin improved their lives.

That original shop flourished by selling fan-favorites and then soaps and other skincare products. Over the years, Alō has grown and customers continue to share their experiences with us. Now, with the help of her daughter, Kandra continues to help others by sharing her hard-earned knowledge of handcrafted products.  

Nature has provided powerful elements to clean and nourish our bodies and we can choose to be natural by embracing them. “By harvesting from my pesticide-free home garden and sourcing sustainable options—I hope to bring a bit of nurture through nature into your home.”~ Kandra

We know you’ll find something to love about alō Goods and our all-natural products. If you can’t find what you are seeking, contact us about custom order options so we can craft the perfect product for you.

alō Goods Signature Blends

Orange and Mint Natural Soap


An all natural essential oil blend featuring a citrus & mint base for aromas to energize your spirit and stimulate your mind.

Calm Lavender Handmade Soap


Lavender filled soaps, butters, and balms will calm the mind and focus your spirit. A must have for relazing spa-like experiences.

Pure Unscented Natural Soap


Unscented for those with sensitive skins… and for those who love the pure natural aromas of oils, butters, and botanicals.

Artisian Soap

Limited Editions

Small batch artisan soaps, handcrafted with luxury ingredients and unique essential oil blends.