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Natural skincare, hair care, and oral care products

Well call them Goods that Bring the Joy

Natural products handmade by real people create the opportunity to find joy in the everyday – including the simple process of caring for our bodies. Using products formulated with real ingredients on our bodies that are crafted to be nourishing and good for us, are also good for our spirit.

Kandra With Basket 2020 Sm
Soap Guild Member

Hand Crafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild Certified

Kandra Churchwell, founder of Alo Goods, spreads joy everywhere she goes. “The way we do it at home” is a mindset that has been instilled in Kandra throughout her life from family members and carries through Alo Goods purpose and mission. Creating beautiful handmade gifts for loved ones, using natural resources for practical purposes, and creating beautiful relationships are things Kandra values, and are at the core of Alo Goods.

When you make natural, simple, real products with a focus on purpose over profit, it allows you to build a community who share your values and your journey.

Sometimes the journey, which has roots in a home-school science project AND an online commerce business experiment (ask us about these stories sometime), seems too crazy to be real. But, when you come from a simple, caring approach, combined with practical, real-life experience, beautiful things happen that bring the joy to people everywhere.

We know you’ll find joy in our community and in our all-natural products. But, if you can’t find the perfect bar of joy, contact us about custom order options so we can craft something made just for you.

Finding joy in sustainable & natural options for all. 

alō [Latin] to sustain, maintain

Goods for the Body

Our products are all-natural, handmade body nourishing gems. Each one is crafted using ingredients that would make Mother Nature proud.

Joy in Mind

We share honest information about the products we make for your body. All of our ingredients are listed in plain English. And, we make it easy to find out what’s in (and NOT in) our products and packaging.

And Joy in the Spirit

Every product we create has been crafted with care and joy. We focus on smiles when we make each bar of soap, and connect with nature for every formulation.

Bring the Joy to Our Community

We believe that real change, and real support, comes from the individuals that make up each community. We don’t have a business goal of “give XX dollars every year”, we don’t work extra dollars into our product costs so we can say we give something with every purchase. We simply support our community.  It’s who we are, how we live our lives, and how we think business should be done. We give what we can when we can, and we always strive to be doing the right thing. You’ll see us supporting our local community throughout the year in various ways. Here are some of our recent activities:

Family Tree

The Family Tree

The Family Tree is a local network of support for families, survivors of domestic abuse, and those experiencing homelessness. We are in awe of all they do for women, children, and families in our community. From helping someone in immediate need to providing ongoing support to independence and education, it warms our hearts every time we think of them! We hope the soaps we provide offer a bit of that same warmth to their residents. We send them products from our test batches (when we’re exploring new colors, additives, and scents), as well as special batches of soap and skincare products that we make with just for them.

The Other Side Academy Donation

The Other Side Academy

The Other Side Academy is a training school in which students learn pro-social, vocational and life skills allowing them to emerge with a healthy life on “the other side.” This program is available as an alternative to those facing long-term incarceration as well those seeking a change from the life they have chosen in the past. This organization is self-sufficient (accepting no government funding, and a zero cost to tax-payers).

Support The Other Side Academy:
10 percent of your purchase will be donated when you shop Alo Goods with this link.

She Leads Group 2020

SHE Leads Group – Community Projects

SHE is a local women’s group that supports women in business. Our owner, Kandra looks forward to “hanging with her girlfriends” at each meeting where they focus on the business needs of each member. Each year all members unite to provide community service. In 2020, SHE supported The Delores Project. We helped upcycle purses by filling them with necessities, such as soap and hygiene items. The purses found their new homes in the hands of women who were shelter guests. We were humbled to be a part of providing a bit of normalcy and comfort for these amazing women to help support  their  journey on a  path to stability. 

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