Why Bar Soap isn’t Dirty

Bar Soap Is Not Dirty

No, bar soap isn’t dirty. After washing, any bacterium that was present on either the soap or your hands is washed down the drain.

Piping Lavender Renaissance Soap

Cut 600

Entering the Great Cakes Soapworks Challange – This month’s challenge was Piped Soap. Just like you would pipe frosting onto a birthday cake, you can pipe cold process soap! Fun right?

All About Shampoo Bars

All About Shampoo Bars

Everything you every wanted to know about shampoo, and how to have lovely locks with a natural shampoo bar!

How to Felt Soap

Felted Soap

Creating a bar felted handmade soap is a fun craft that anyone with hands can partake in…. and, it’s a great kid friendly activity!

How do YOU clean YOUR skin?

How Do You Clean Skin

Exploring soaps, detergents, glycerin, and lye products used for cleaning skin… busting a few myths along the way too!