How to Properly Clean and Sterilize Containers for Re-use

Sterilize Containers

Reusing glass, metal, and plastic containers are fast becoming the new normal, not only for the environment but to save money as well. Let’s make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps, so your containers are safely ready for reuse.

Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day

Earth Day 2020

This month we have partnered with Compost Colorado for their Earth week kit. They are a Denver based compost collection company AND a sustainable delivery service all in one working to promote a circular economy and a GREEN future. Make every day earth day by signing up for your CoCo membership today!

Zero Waste Reusable Tins

Zero Waste Tins

A few fun ideas to reuse our tin-plated steel containers. FYI – they are food-grade so you can wash and upcycle them again and again!