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Shipping Methods and Charges
Orders ship quickly and safely with USPS shipping. You will be able to select from First Class or Flat Rate Shipping options at checkout. Flat Rate Priority Shipping includes a USPS tracking number and package insurance.
  • U.S. Orders of $50.00 or more qualify for Free Shipping. Some products, such as bulk order shower steamers, do not qualify for free shipping.
  • Orders are fulfilled within 1 business day of receiving the order for in-stock items.
  • USPS delivers in 1-3 business days (6-10 days for international orders) from the ship date for priority orders.
  • Orders with custom or back-ordered items will ship as soon as your order is completed.
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Please Note: All packages will be shipped to the exact address you enter at checkout. Please verify your shipping address prior to processing your payment as we cannot refund or credit shipping costs if the package is incorrectly shipped due to an incorrect address that you provided.
Return Policy

Due to the nature of skin care products, I cannot accept returns for most products. However, if something doesn’t seem right when you receive your order, please let me know so we can resolve the issue and make sure that you are completely satisfied. I’ll do everything I can to keep your life stress free.

  • Products returned within 7 days of delivery qualify for a full refund, excluding shipping.
  • Products returned after 7 days of receipt quality for a store credit of the original purchase price, excluding shipping.
  • Custom orders cannot be returned.

Let’s make sure you are happy before you buy. If you have any questions prior to your order, just ask. I’ll be happy to chat with you about any of my products to make sure it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Backorder Timeframes

Some products are available on the site, but not currently in stock. This means that I make them regularly, but haven’t had a chance to restock just yet. If you see “Available on backorder” on any product, I’ll start a new batch as soon as your order is received.

  • Most backordered products typically ship in 2-3 business days from time of order.
  • Backordered soaps can take up to 2 months to deliver, depending on the cure time for the soap.
Secure Ordering

When checking out, your credit card information is never collected or stored on this site - payments are processed through Square.

For those who create an account on this site, your account credentials (including username, address, etc.) are protected with SSL security and additional back-end settings to prevent hackers and other nasty internet bots from accessing my site. Additionally, your information is never sold or traded. You can read my Privacy Policy here.

Are handmade soap and skin care products safe? Will I be allergic to anything?

If made correctly, yes they are safe! In fact, it’s a more natural way to clean and nourish your skin, and a great alternative to commercial detergents.

All true soap is made through the saponification of oils with lye—either sodium hydroxide (for bars) or potassium hydroxide (for liquids). Once saponified none of the lye remains, and the oils are turned into soap You can read more how soap is made, cured, and cared for in these articles:

As far a allergens, you will need to check the ingredients listed on all of my soaps to see if they contain anything you are allergic to (such as coconut which is used in many of my soaps as a base oil). I cannot guarantee that you will not be allergic to any of my products, so please check labels, and do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are unsure, please check with your doctor before putting anything on your skin.

View a complete ingredient list for my soaps and skin care products.

Knitting Patterns?

Looks like you found a few knitting patterns on the site and are wondering about them! I've been knitting for about 20 years. It soothes my temper and nourishes my spirit, which is why I occasionally offer a pattern to spread the joy of knitting to other knitters. You'll find my knitting patterns in the More Goods section of the site.

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