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Now’s your chance to try a natural solid shampoo bar… for FREE!
Yes, for real, for free. *

Here’s how it works:
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Then, Fill your cart with your favorite skincare, oral care, or home care products, totaling $35+ *
Once your cart qualifies, simply choose your FREE shampoo bar!
(you’ll get to pick between the ACV and the Coconut Tea Bar.)**

It’s as simple as that. 😊
So, go ahead, start shopping and claim your FREE shampoo bar!

Let's Chat about Shampoo Bars: Color treated, dry, oily, whatever hair, you're going to love them!

Wondering why we’re giving away shampoo bars?

We want to spread some joy and eliminate plastic!

Kandra With Basket 2020 Sm

Spreading joy, one compliment at a time.

Kandra is complimented on her hair multiple times a day. It’s almost embarrassing, and yet oh so flattering. Wondering what the appropriate response is, aside from “Thank you”, she started responding with a compliment in turn. As the smiles and joy started spreading, an “ah ha” happened… let’s give away shampoo bars so you can enjoy some of those compliments for yourself! Who knows… maybe you’ll be inspired to spread some joy too?

Hair Group 600

And… Plastic sucks!

We want you to see for yourself how great shampoo bars are, and to prove that you really don’t need plastic bottles in your shower. 
✔️Our shampoo bars lather (they lather amazingly well actually). 
✔️They are safe for color treated hair (and approved of by Coral, Kandra’s daughter, and a cosmetologist).
✔️They even save water and benefit the environment by not introducing detergents and chemicals into the water stream.

So, are you ready to get your free bar of shampoo? 

Choose one or more skincare, oral care, or home care products. Once your cart totals $35, you’ll get to pick your free shampoo!

*To qualify for a free shampoo bar your cart must contain 1 or more products from our skincare, oral care, or home care offerings valued at $35 or more. Online only offer. You must be logged into a valid account on our site. Valid while supplies last. Limit one per customer. **Free product options will display on your cart once your order qualifies. Free products must be selected by you and added to your cart at time of order to be included in your order.

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