Natural Beard Care and Maintenance

We’re a family of beard lovers here (in fact, all the men in Kandra’s life have beards – her father, husband, and son). While we think hair-free chins look cold, we admit that they have a place in society and do make a great canvas for knitted beards.

Regardless of how you wear your beard, it needs to be cared for, so let’s talk beards with some interesting tidbits and a few tips to keep that Beard healthy and great looking.

First, some Beard History (because history makes everything more interesting)

Beards have been around since prehistoric times, men grew beards for warmth, intimidation, and protection.

  • Facial hair kept prehistoric men warm and it protected their mouths from sand, dirt and other elements. A beard on a man’s face created the look of a stronger jawline and helped them look more intimidating.
  • The Egyptians wore false beards made of metal; it was held onto the face by a ribbon that was tied over their heads.
  • The Mesopotamian civilizations took great care of their beards using beard oil to keep them healthy.
  • The Assyrians dyed their beards black while the Persians dyed theirs an orange-red color. During ancient times in Turkey and India, long beards were considered a symbol of wisdom and dignity.
  • In ancient Greece, beards were a sign of honor and they were cut off only as a punishment.
  • Ancient Romans preferred their beards trimmed and well-groomed, using razors in 616-578 BCE to encourage hygiene.

Beard styles have also evolved over time including styles called the “Chin Curtain” made popular by Abraham Lincoln, the “Chinstrap” beard by American essayist Henry David Thoreau, and the “Friendly Muttonchops” by English Heavy Metal Musician Lemmy Kilmister. The “Goatee” and the “Horseshoe Mustache” have also been popular.

Natural Beard Care

Growing a beard is just the beginning, taking care of if it is the sweet spot that makes your beard handsome and amazing! So don’t ignore all of the hard work you put in to growing that beard out and use these tips to take great care of your facial hair!

There are 3 main things you need to be doing to keep your beard healthy and soft:

1: Minding the Edges for a Shapely Beard:

Using a trimmer will help shape the neckline perfectly.

The baseline of your beard should be at least 2 fingers side by side above the Adam’s Apple. You can go higher than that, but that is the standard. From that point above the Adam’s Apple, shave a “U” shape from the back of both ears behind the jawline to define your neckline.

2: Trimming the Beard, as Needed:

Using scissors instead of a trimmer will cut down on split ends and give you more precision when fine-tuning the shape of your beard.

Tip: Be sure to have a normal resting face while trimming your mustache to make sure it is even. And, use a small comb to determine how much you want to cut off with the scissors.

3: Nourishing the Skin and Beard:

Maintaining the health of your skin and beard is essential to keeping it looking great and staying soft. It’s not just about shaving or trimming.

If you have a long beard, be sure to brush it first thing in the morning every day. It will loosen any grime, dirt or dead skin cells from the day before.  Brushing also acts as a natural treatment for your beard because it helps distribute your skin’s natural oils evenly throughout your facial hair. Brushing will keep your beard soft and add volume.

If your facial hair is on the dry side or seems to need a bit of nourishment, use our Body Butter pre-shower: apply a small amount of our body butter throughout your beard about 10 minutes before getting in the shower, letting it moisturize the hair completely before rinsing it out.

We recommend washing each night with our Coconut Tea Natural Shampoo Bar to clean the skin and hair. This bar is loaded with hair-loving herbs and essential oils, and it rinses clean, leaving your beard soft and manageable.

For coarser beards, our hair conditioner bar helps soften and adds some control.

Your beard, hair, and skin are reflections of your inner health as well, be sure to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep.

Coconut Tea Bar – Natural Shampoo that’s Perfect for Natural Beards:

Sulfate-Free, Silicone Free, Paraben-Free

Loaded with natural fluffy lather (with no foaming agents!), our natural shampoo bars are formulated to naturally clean and condition your scalp while leaving hair healthy, soft, shiny, and clean.  It’s perfect for beards, hard water, oily hair, and itchy scalps.

Use this shampoo bar to clean and nourish your hair and scalp with organic coconut oil, nourishing herbs, and the amazing aromas of cedarwood, lavender, and lemongrass essential oil. 

  • Organic Coconut Oil: for a squeaky-clean non-toxic wash, loads of lather, and a touch of conditioning.
  • Citric Acid: from citrus fruits, allows this bar to wash away clean with no “soapy” residue, even in hard water.
  • Organic Rosemary, Lavender, Nettle, Comfrey, and Marshmallow Root: infused into each bar, this blend of organic herbs promotes strong hair and happy scalps.
  • Cedarwood, Lavender and Lemongrass Essential Oils: they not only smell amazing, but they also promote hair growth, can help balance oil-producing glands on the scalp, and can strengthen hair follicles.
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