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Natural Ingredients & Sustainable Packages

What’s in Our Products

Butters and Oils

Base oils are used in our products and create the bulk of Alō Goods handmade soaps. In soap, they are mixed with sodium hydroxide and/or potassium hydroxide to create a chemical process called saponification to create real soap.

And no, we dont use palm oil.

Natural Aromas

Scented with only the pure aroma of the oils, butters, and essential oils, Alō Goods are sensitive to your nature.

For those who prefer no scent, the Alō Pure line is free of all essential oils and crafted with common sensitivities in mind.


Botanical additives (herbs, clays, and extracts) are used to create texture, scent, and color to Alō Goods skincare and soaps.

Alō Goods are free of man-made micas, lab colors, chemical “fragrance oils” that many people are sensitive to.

Made In Usa
Palm Free Skin Care
Skincare made with Natural Ingredients
Vegan Skin care, Hair care, and Oral Care
Sustainable Packaging
Animal Friendly

We source directly for many of our botanicals (sometimes that means from our garden!) and we purchase our oils from a USA woman-owned supplier with USDA Organic, Women-owned, Rainforest Alliance, NON-GMO Project, and International Quality Assurance Organic certifications.

What’s Not In Our Products

We don’t use synthetics, lab-made micas, or “fragrance oils”. We never use Palm Oil. We also don’t use lard or tallow in our soaps.

Many of our products are vegan. And, if you have allergies to coconut oil or shea butter, we’ve got you covered too.

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What Our Products are Packaged In

Our sustainable packages and materials are:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • are Recyclable, Reusable, Biodegradable, and/or Compostable

We are proud to be able to ship your order with the same quality materials as well. Our boxes, brown padded mailers, and packing tape are all compostable. We do use the USPS padded flat-rate mailer for some of our packages as it’s made from 100% recycled plastic and we support recycling vs. filling up oceans with plastic.

Alo Sustainable Packaging 01
Alo Sustainable Packaging
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Skin Care

Soap without palm oil or animal fats.

Alcohol-free moisturizers.

Natural, synthicic-free facials.

shampoo bars and hair and scalp rinses from alo goods image

Hair Care

Everything you need for naturally beautiful hair, without the things you dont’ need:

Sulfate-free | Silicone-free | Paraben-free | Zero Plastic Bottles

Oral Care Natural Tooth Soap

Oral Care

Tooth Suds and Mouthwash Crystals help create natural smiles, without fluoride, silicons, alcohol, or plastic.

Swirled Soap Bulk Order

Custom Soaps

Custom formulations for your unique skin needs.

Corporate events, weddings, showers, and more.

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