Natural Shaving Options

Have unwanted hair? Need to remove it? Let’s talk shaving for minute.

First, the products: There are many products on the market for removing unwanted hair, such as shaving cream, shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving soap, regular soap, and waxing products. So, what makes one better than the other?

Shaving creams are thicker and not only soften the hair for an easier shave, but they also moisturize the skin. Which is great unless you have oily skin, then it can be too much moisture.

Shaving foams are softer. The consistency is better for lathering onto the skin, and you can use them in a hurry. However, shaving foams are not very hydrating and most contain alcohol.

Shaving soap, which is in bar soap form, takes more practice to lather with a brush, but when done right it can work just as well.  Shaving soaps are very classic, and they can be easier on sensitive skin. However, it will take a little longer to shave. Regular bar soap has a thinner lather that is great for washing off dirt and grime but does not provide much protection from the blade itself.

Shaving gel was created to replace shaving cream and foam, as it is fast and easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Gels create a much thicker barrier between your skin and the razor. If your skin is oily to begin with, gels may irritate the skin.

Waxing can be an affordable option if done at home but take all of the precautions that come with it. Having it done professionally is encouraged but does cost more. Strip waxing uses a strip of fabric that is pressed into hot, soft wax and then applied to the skin. When it is ripped off, it takes the wax and the underlying hair with it. Hot wax can be beneficial to sensitive skin due to the heat opening the pores. Waxing only needs to be done once every 4-6 weeks, where shaving is done every 1-3 days depending on how fast your hair grows. Waxing pulls the hair out at the root, therefore it takes longer to grow back. However, waxing can be uncomfortable on some areas with thicker hair and may cause red bumps, irritation, and some bleeding. Some areas of the skin will have redness for several hours after waxing.

Shaving Tips

While we are on the subject of shaving here are a few tips that might help you avoid some bumps and nicks along the way.

  • Never shave dry skin, either get it wet, use a product, or do it right when you get out of the shower when your skin is warm, clean and moist.
  • For a close shave with better hair removal, shave against the way the hair grows. However, if you are prone to razor bumps and burns in one particular area of your skin, try shaving with the direction of the hair instead of against it.
  • Rinse the blade after each swipe with the razor and replace disposable razors after 5-7 uses.
  • Store your razor in a dry area.
  • Exfoliate! This will prevent the razor from getting overloaded with dead skin cells and it will work better.
  • Mind the water temperature:
    • Warm/Hot water will open the pores on your skin.
    • If you are prone to cuts, the water may be too hot. Use cooler water when shaving so your skin doesn’t become too soft.
    • After shaving use cool the water rinse. It will help to close your pores before drying off. Follow with a hydrating moisturizer immediately to prevent flakiness and drying.
  • If waxing, make sure the hair is about ¼ to ¾ inches long, and avoid products containing retinol or taking prescription retinoids 2 -5 days before you wax to avoid taking skin with the hair. Always soothe your skin by applying cold packs if there is pain, wear loose fitting clothing, and always moisturize to soothe and hydrate the skin. During the weeks after waxing, exfoliate your skin daily to remove dry skin; this will help avoid ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

How Can You Use Alo Goods for Shaving?

Wondering where our “shaving” soap is? I mean, we’re talking about shaving, but none of our soaps are called a “shaving” soap! Rest assured, we do have one, it’s just also great for washing and provides a moisturizing clean (as well as being the best shaving bar around). Our customers use our conditioner bars to shave too! Having multiple uses of a single product is part of the joy we hope our goods bring you with each use =)

Here’s the low down on each:

handcrafted Solid Conditioner Bar from alo goods image

Our solid conditioner bar is super silky and many of our customers prefer to use it to shave their legs. It softens the hair making it great for the large areas that you want a long “swipe” with a razor.

Lavender Natural Soap from Alo Goods image

This amazing creamy soap is like lotion you can lather! But you don’t have to work up a full lotion lather, it’s smooth and smells great. The smell does not linger and you end up with a good clean shave. But don’t just take our word for it. Murray is a long time customer and sent us this great video showing us how he shaves with our lavender and shea bar.

Beldi Gel Soap - 32 ounce Custom Order

Beldi Soap is a traditional Moroccan soap that deep cleans and moisturizes your skin. It opens up pores and loosens dead skin cells for an easy and deep exfoliation, and it makes a great shaving soap! It’s rich in Vitamin E and A and prepares skin for exfoliation by loosening the top layer of dead skin cells and removing toxins. It leaves skin soft and silky after wash, is suitable for all skin types and makes an amazing shaving soap!

The key to shaving with beldi soap is to let it sit on the skin for a few minutes to soften the hair. It’s a great exfoliant too. So, apply it, let it sit, then lather it up on the skin, then shave. If you are a fan of waxing, the Beldi soap is perfect for pre and post wax. It will help soften the hair before and will help exfoliate and remove the wax after.

Alo Goods makes Beldi Soap around the holidays every few years, and you can always custom order it.

Get a Natural Shave with Alo Goods

If you are ready to ditch the chemical shave creams and gels, we have what you need. Not only for shaving, but for moisturizing before and after. Our products are all-natural, handmade, body nourishing gems. Each one is crafted using ingredients that would make Mother Nature proud. Treat your skin right, go natural, and shave with Alo Goods products!

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