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Pamper In Place

Pamper In Place

While we are all learning about safe social distancing & rocking the virtual high-fives, let’s embrace shelter-in-place with Pamper-in-Place!

As more cities in the US are starting to issue “shelter in place” or “stay at home” directives, we all need to do our best to do our part and keep our communities clean and healthy. But we also need to tend to our individual mental and emotional wellbeing.

While uncertainty can lead to stress and sheltering-in-place can lead to cabin-fever, taking a few minutes for yourself can boost your mental status and emotional wellbeing. We know we’ll all get through this because we have each other. So let’s pamper now and get ready for a summer filled with family reunions, movie nights, and other community fun (because it will happen!)

To help you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of at-home pampering inspirations, and we turned on FREE SHIPPING* for all orders over $40. No coupons needed. Just place your order and select free shipping at checkout.

*Free Shipping valid through April 30th, 2020

At-Home Spa Day

Take a short siesta one day a week to pamper yourself with an at-home spa treatment!

Whip up a perfect-for-your-face facial with our facial powders and brew up a batch of our hair tea. Apply the tea to your hair and wrap in a towel, then apply the facial mask. Kick back with a glass of wine and your favorite book or some meditation music. When it’s time to rinse, step into the shower with one of our shower steamers. Lather up, rinse off, then moisturize with body butter.

You’ll feel restored and ready to enjoy the coming week.


Studies have shown that yoga can boost your mood and lower anxiety. So stretch your limbs, find your inner peace, and strengthen your core with some at-home yoga. We like the Down Dog app (which is making their app free to help people cope with the COVID19 outbreak), and there are plenty of online videos and other apps to choose from too. Whichever you prefer, a 15 minute morning yoga habit is something that will stick with you in a good way.

Read (or listen to) a New Book

We raised our children to be big readers, and one of our favorite pastimes was listening to stories together. Weather Papa read us Harry Potter, or we all chilled to a book on tape while Mama knitted and the kids crafted, stories were always a welcome reprieve from the grind of daily life. So head over to (they are offering free titles) or your local library website, and snag a good read to lift your spirits.

Virtual Happy Hour

We’re so fortunate to be where we are with technology to help us stay connected. Use Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or any video service you have to invite your friends to a “happy hour”, play a game of chess game, or give a virtual cooking lesson.

Learn to Knit (or any crafty thing you’ve been meaning to get to)

Pick up some needles and yarn, and then hop over to YouTube for a virtual knitting lesson. Our favorite local yarn store (Wooden Spools) is a great place to pick up supplies, and they are offering free shipping on all US orders over $10 right now. You’ll feel great for learning something new, and you’ll support a local small business at the same time!

Laugh – it’s good for you!

Laughing makes you happy, it’s true! And it boosts your immune system. So, take a picture of your face covered in a facemask and post it. Find a joke and share it. Giggle with your friends over video chat, and skip the social-media “news” in favor of happy posts.

We’re all in this together!
Let’s stay clean, healthy, and calm. Keep washing and keep smiling =)

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