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alō [Latin] to feed, nourish, support, sustain, maintain

soap, shampoo, and salve gift basket from Alo goods

The best “feeling” ingredients

This company has the most wonderful scents, and the best “feeling” ingredients. I can tell by the smell that everything that goes into these soaps are so fresh and yummy! Highly recommended!

Acv Shampoo Bar
ACV Shampoo

This one is my favorite!

I have tried a lot of shampoo bars now, from many different brands, and this one is my favorite.
~Rebecca C.

Oral Care Natural Tooth Soap
Tooth Suds

…better than a professional dental cleaning!

This tooth soap is the best yet! It leaves your teeth feeling clean and smooth, even better than a professional dental cleaning! I can’t wait until my next dental cleaning.
~K. Hart

Soap Sack 3
Soap Suds Soap Sack

Soap saver bags are fantastic!

It lathers beautifully, and it just feels amazing on my skin. I can tell it’s exfoliating me and my skin is so silky smooth. I’m a convert! I love this bag! And it’s compostable!
~Cristina Sierra

Miti Herbal Salve
Herbal Salves

It’s so soothing! Heavenly.

I can tell I’m going to find 5000 more uses for this stuff! My order came super quickly and with minimal packaging!
~Kate J.

Creosote Soap Bar
Desert Rain

As a Tucson local I’m in love!!

It’s like showering in the fresh monsoon rain.

Oatmeal Calendula Soap 3
Oatmeal Calendula

This bar is my happy place.

It’s perfect. The size and shape, NEVER dropping it in the shower. The feel is creamy and slightly exfoliating going on. Between my asthma and eczema I am super sensitive to scents, and ingredients.
~Cinnamon Stanton

Friend Soap
Friend Soaps

Zero waste and it feels like such a luxury item! Win win!

My usual order is for custom bulk soap, but there was a limited time promotion for the friend soaps, so I ordered some on a whim. I am so glad that I did!
~Cristina Sierra

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