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We hope you find a friend in the group, and that they bring a smile to your day with each wash. We will be launching new friend soaps throughout the year, and invite you to help us formulate them.

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

Friend Soaps are a limited-edition series. Gift one to yourself or your BFF.

Reconnect, with Friend Soaps

Each friend soap is named to represent a unique individual who has been an influence in our lives and was an inspiration for the soap design and formulation.

Are these real people? Some of the soaps are named after our real friends and others are named after special friends of yours. With each name, we aimed to celebrate the type of person, rather than a specific individual.

Do you have a friend who matches one of these soaps in your life? If so, consider sending them a friend soap so you can keep each other close with each wash. Each bar comes with a name card describing the friend, and the soap.

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