Handmade Soap - All Natural Homemade Bar Soaps

Plant-Based, Naturally Scented, Handmade Soaps

Sulfate-free | Petroleum-free | Synthetic-free  

Alō Goods handmade soaps are handcrafted with my custom recipes—formulated with natural oils, exfoliants, colors, and aromas. Whether you are looking for a skin soap bar for everyday cleansing or something for an extra special bath-time treat, you’re sure to find the perfect hand or body soap bar, shampoo bar, or sugar scrubs to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

How my handmade soaps are made

Soap making became a much-loved event in my home after we first learned the craft from a home-school project with my children. That was years ago, and our original recipes have long since been replaced with custom blends of oils, clay, herbs, and essential oils that I hand-craft in my home.

All Natural, Chemical Free, Handmade Hair and Skin Soaps

Formulation skin soaps, from base oils used to achieve different lathers to the botanicals used to achieve various designs, is a spiritually relaxing process for me. The challenge to accomplish intricate designs with all natural colorants becomes an exercise in commitment and meditation, which I am pleased to be able to share with you.

While other soapmakers may choose to use chemical based and man-made colors and “fragrance oils”, I am committed to producing skin soaps with only 100% natural ingredients (read more about exactly what natural means).

Naturally Crafted Handmade Soaps with Essential Oils & Botanicals

Each bar is handmade by me, in my home. All of my recipes are crafted with high-quality base oils like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and mango butter; scented with the natural aromas of herbs, base oils, natural essential oils, (or even beer!), and colored with natural botanicals and clays.

Let’s Create a Custom Batch of Handmade Soap.

If you don’t see your perfect bar in the shop, just contact me to discuss making a custom handmade soap. We can craft a custom bar blended to your specific needs. Whether it’s a bulk order of a soap you purchased before, a completely custom design for wedding favors, or to match your bathroom decor,