Custom Crafted Small Batch Artisan Soaps

Limited edition artisan soaps are small-batch soaps handcrafted with luxury ingredients. Each batch ranges from 10-36 bars each and can feature custom essential oil blends and exotic ingredients. Each batch is made only once — but if you fall in love with it, rest assured that the recipe is saved and you can order a custom batch at any time.

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Friend Soaps are a limited-edition series. Gift one to yourself or your BFF.

In 2020, we started naming and creating soaps to celebrate and commemorate the individuals who influence our lives. We're continuing this celebration and invite you to find a new friend amongst them, and send a "just because" gift to someone who makes your days a bit brighter.

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Mantra: Prayer. Meditation. Affirmation. {SOAP}

Turn handwashing into a restorative retreat for your mind and spirit. Inscribe your mantra on the label and keep it near while you wash your hands to promote health and wellbeing with each wash. 

Myster Soap Grab Bag

Mystery Grab Bags

Mystery soap bags are a great way to try an assortment of high-quality soaps at a reduced price. Inside each bag, you will find beautiful handmade soaps along with offcuts, end pieces, or slightly marred soaps.

"This company has the most wonderful scents, and the best “feeling” ingredients. I can tell by the smell that everything that goes into these soaps is so fresh and yummy! Highly recommended!"

5star Rating

Angela (verified customer)

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

Limited edition artisan soaps handcrafted with luxury ingredients & featuring custom aromas, color, and shapes.

"This is amazing soap feels great on the skin and smells awesome. Definitely would like to order more."

5star Rating

Sophia  (verified customer)

Formulating small batch artisan soaps.

Our lead soap maker, Kandra, uses a range of natural colorants from botanicals and clays, matching them with essential oils and a range of unique molds and forms to create a unique bar to celebrate a moment, a person, or a feeling. We hope you enjoy using the soaps, and that they bring a moment of meditative peace to your day.

Want a blend of your own artisan soap? Request a custom soap formulated just for you.

We can craft a batch from a limited edition bar that you fell in love with, or create a new one that is uniquely yours. View our Custom Soap Options.

Are Friend Soaps named for real people?

Each friend soap is named to represent a unique individual who has been an influence in our lives and was an inspiration for the soap design and formulation.

Some of the soaps are named after our real friends and others are named after special friends of yours. With each name, we aimed to celebrate the type of person, rather than a specific individual.

Friends from 2020

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