Turn your shower into an aromatherapy spa with natural, chemical-free, shower tablets.

Available in our signature aromas the Alō Shower Steamers allow you to turn your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience. Each shower steamer tablet lasts for 2-4 showers. Shower steamers are a seasonal product. Keep an eye out for them in the fall!

aromatherapy spa with natural, chemical-free, shower tablets

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Shower Steamers are Available in the following aromas:

  • Alō Peppy Shower Steamers for stuffy noses or just to pep up your day with the invigorating aromas of orange and mint—crafted with menthol crystals and the Alō Peppy essential oil blend.
  • Alō Calm Shower Steamers for the perfect end to a stressful day—crafted with the soothing and calming lavender aroma from the Alō Calm essential oil blend.
  • Alō Pure Shower Steamers are unscented and perfect for DIYers and essential oil lovers—create your own shower aromas by placing 2-3 drops on each tablet.

How to use a shower bomb

  • Place one tablet on a shelf in the shower, or the floor of shower or tub. Enjoy the aromas as the tablet dissolves.
  • Keep out of heavy water flow to extend the life of each tablet (one tablet can last for 2-4 showers!)
  • Store in a sealed container to retain freshness.

For a complete natural spa experience, pare with a bar of PeppyCalm, or Pure soap, and moisturize your skin with matching body butter after your shower.

Note: These contain high concentrations of natural essential oils and menthol crystals and are not intended for use in bath water or a bath bomb.

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