Your face deserves natural:

The Alō Facial Mask Powder is a dry powder, allowing you to hydrate it with natural additives of your choice. As a dry powder, you can custom blend a facial mask for oily summer skin, another for dry winter skin, and even formulate unique blends for your t-zone.

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

Treat yourself with a “perfect for your face” facial with the Alō Facial Mask Powder.

"I use this mask once a week and love everything about it — especially since it’s warm when you put it on. Between the warmth and the great natural fragrance, it makes me think I am in a spa every weekend."

5star Rating

Natalie G. (verified customer)

Created with all-natural ingredients:

Organic Gluten-Free Oats aid in mild cleansing, gently exfoliate and are a wonderful natural facial moisturizer.
Kaolin Clay helps to detoxify your skin by drawing out impurities deep within your pores.
Lavender Buds acts as a gentle exfoliant, provides a light fragrance to the base powder, helps detoxify and tone the skin.
Calendula Petals act as a gentle exfoliant and help stimulate the blood flow to help improve the appearance of your skin.

Available in 3 Blends:

Original Oat & Herbs: our original base suitable for all skin types
Papaya:  for balancing the oiliness of the skin & working as an exfoliant on dry areas.
Turmeric: for mature and damaged skin.

"I love how you can adjust the mask to your skin type. When I first put it on it felt really good and the smell was so great! It really made me feel relaxed."

5star Rating

Natalie G. (verified customer)

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