Our Signature soaps are shaped to help prevent dropping your soap in the shower and to provide a quick to dry for a long-lasting bar. Formulated with natural oils, botanicals, and essential oils, you're sure to find your perfect bar of soap in our signature collection.

Oatmeal Unscented Soap

Pure - For Sensitive Skin and Noses

Our most popular bar for men and women alike. It's unscented, soothing, and nourishing. Calendula infused organic olive and coconut oils, aloe vera, and skin-soothing oats. It’s everything your skin craves!

Lavender Natural Soap

Calm - Lotion-Like Lather for Cleaning and Shaving

Calming lavender essential oil and moisturizing shea butter. Calm your mind and your body with this lavender-infused bar that’s packed with skin-loving naturals and a lather so creamy you can shave with it!

Charcoal Tea Tree Soap

Clear - A Deep Down Clean for Teens and Mechanics Alike

This tough-on-dirt bar is packed with activated charcoal and soothing oats. It’s a perfectly balanced “grime fighting” bar from head to toe. Wash away grime after a day of gardening, greasy mechanic work, or cooking. Or, love it as you balance and nourish oily skin

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

Perfectly shaped for a long-lasting bar, soothing wash, and naturally clean.
Natural Oils & Botanicals | Synthetic-Free | Long-Lasting Bars

"Every soap we tried we have loved! It has been great for my partner's psoriasis and my sensitive skin. The soaps are super moisturizing as well! We will definitely be continuing to purchase from Alō goods."

5star Rating

Krystal M. (verified customer)

Hand Sized Soap

Designed to fit the curve of your hand.

Half-rounds nest in your palm & are far less likely to drop while using them.

Bar Soap On Soap Dish

Half-rounds last longer than other shapes.

With the curved side down, your bar of soap will be smiling at you, will dry faster, resulting in a longer-lasting bar.

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