Nourish your body with a full batch of handmade soap. Each batch can be personalized for your business, family, baby showers, and more! We offer custom soap formulations in the following options:

Can ship in as little as 2 weeks. Ready to use 4 weeks from pour date. 
Full customizable from the base oils to color and scent.
Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients

Mini Guest Soaps

Shower Mini Soaps

For Air BNBs, baby showers, weddings, and more

Our custom order of 25 mini-guest soaps are the perfect guest gift for baby showers, make charming place settings at weddings, and are the cherry-on-top for Air BNB offerings. These hotel-sized bars can be customized with color, scent, and labeling to fully brand your event.

Small Batch Bar Soaps

Our small batch custom soaps are perfect for individuals looking to avoid allergens or want a special one-of-a-kind bar. Or, if you're missing your favorite limited edition bar... we can remake a batch just for you!

Dragonfly Soap

1: Pick Your Shape

All of our custom soap batches create the same amount of soap, resulting in 10-13 bars based on the shape you choose. You can create a custom recipe with our perfectly shaped half-rounds, go more traditional with a standard bar, or choose from any of our custom shapes including elephants, mandalas, moons, and flowers.

Mandala Natural Soap

2: Choose Your Scent and Color

You can custom blend from our stock essential oil collection, and choose your colors from our supply of all-natural plant-based colorants. Want unscented and uncolored? We can do that too.

Blue Ganesha Elephant Soap

3: Customize the Ingredients

Whether you need to avoid specific ingredients (such as coconut oil) or are looking for a bar packed with moisturizing and soothing additives, you can fully customize your soaps. We start with our base oil blend, and you simply choose the additives to craft your perfect bar.

Swirled Patchouli Orange

4: Enjoy Your Custom Soap!

Once your order is placed, we'll get your soap into the production schedule (typically within 2-3 weeks, if not sooner). We'll send pictures of the bars once they are cut or unmolded. And, after your soaps have set up enough to safely ship, we'll ship them to you to finish the cure time. Information about curing, storing, and reordering your soaps are included with each order.

Large Batch Bar Soaps

Looking for larger batches of soap for a wedding, shower, or another event? We can help you there too! We'll need to gather some information about your soaps, then we'll send you a custom estimate. Options can include:

  • Stamping your logo into the bars
  • Labels to match your party or event theme
  • A custom essential oil blend or color design

Beldi Gel Savon

Beldi Gel Soap - 32 ounce Custom Order

Beldi Soap

With a consistency of a thick paste, beldi is a traditional Moroccan soap that deep cleans and moisturizes your skin, opens up pores and loosens dead skin cells for easy and deep exfoliation, and makes a wonderful shaving soap.

"I'm delighted with the soap I received! I chose the elephant style soap, which is 13 bars. You get to pick EVERYTHING that goes into the soap, which helps if you have allergies or sensitive skin."

5star Rating

Cristina S. (verified customer)

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

"I love my custom soaps! They arrived just as I ordered them."

5star Rating

Sophia (verified customer)

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Custom Bulk Soap

“Base Oils” are the natural oils we use when creating your soap (olive oil, sunflower, and coconut oil). This is the same recipe used for our Pure soap, creating soap that is cleansing yet gentle on the skin. Suitable for most skin types (including sensitive skins and baby when unscented and uncolored) they can be enhanced with natural color and essential oils.

If you would like a custom formula, we provide options for you to select additives for your custom soaps (like shea butter!)

If you are allergic to coconut oil, lets us know that too! We can discuss options for formulating without coconut oil.

  • Custom soap orders ship in 2-3 weeks.
  • Soaps will be safe to use 4-6 weeks after made-on-date. The made-on-date will be included in your order details when your soaps arrive.

Our base recipe has a natural “soapy” aroma, which you can choose to enhance with essential oils. Options include our signature blends, as well as unique essential oil combinations. We keep a wide selection of essential oils in stock with the most popular listed as options when you order.

Please note that some essential oils are too rare and/or precious to use in soap (Rose, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, to name a few). And others (such as lemon) do not retain their aroma in the final product. But, there are other ways of scenting soap, or combining other essential oils to create a similar aroma.

If you would like a custom blend or an oil not listed, select “other” and let us know what you’re looking for.

We use a blend of coconut and olive oils for our custom soap bars, creating a natural off-white/cream base color which can be enhanced with natural colorants. Alō soaps are created with 100% all-natural additives, and the range of color each time you use a natural colorant is part of the beauty of all-natural soaps. Exact colors cannot be guaranteed. Colors will vary between batches.

  • Black: activated charcoal provides a black that will range from a dark gray to a smokey black.
  • Natural to Brown: a rich brown achieved by the use of cocoa powder in the soap batter while lighter naturals are obtained by the batter alone through using additives such as coffee or beer.
  • Green: a natural green with the addition of botanicals and herbs such as spirulina powder or alfalfa infusions, or from carrots and indigo. Note: greens tend to fade when exposed to light and soaps should be stored away from light.
  • Yellows to Orange: a sunny yellow to bright vibrant orange can be created by an infusion of annatto seeds, paprika, or carrots.
  • Purple: a lovely purple, but not a bright shocking purple is achieved with our custom blend of botanicals and activated charcoal, or from the addition of alkanet infused oils.
  • Pink:  can range from a faint pink to deep rose pink. Achieved with madder root, clays, and other botanicals.
  • Blue: we use natural blue indigo powder to achieve a variety of blues.

Botanical Soap Colorant Examples

Color disclaimer: we use all-natural botanicals to color our soaps. Pictures provided are approximations of color in the final batch. Colors can vary in each bar, each batch, and with each use of colorant.

Custom bulk soap orders ship naked (no additional packaging). If you would like to have your soaps packaged in our cotton bags, or add custom labels for gifts, weddings, or baby showers. Please contact us for a custom quote. Note: Beldi orders are packaged in mason jars.

Our mini-guest soaps have options to ship naked or with customized labels for your event.

Custom soap orders are added to our production schedule within 1-2 weeks of your order date. Once poured, your soaps will be tended to on our cure racks for 1-2 weeks until they are suitable for travel.

Each batch is handcrafted and is not created from a pre-made base. Your custom soaps will be suitable for use 4 weeks from the poured on date, and will perform optimally if used 6 or more weeks from the poured on date.

All custom orders ship free via USPS priority mail and will ship in sustainable materials.

Once your order is placed you will receive the following order notifications:

  • We’ll send you a quick note to confirm your order and request any clarification (if needed).
  • Once poured and cut, we will send you a picture of your soaps. Mark this date, as your soaps will be safe to use 4 weeks later!
  • Once your order ships, you will receive a standard order shipment email, along with a tracking number.

If you have any questions along the way, we’ll be here to answer them!

Wholesale inquiries can learn more on our wholesale site.

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