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Dragonfly soaps & gift sets celebrate change, transformation, & light. Customize a batch of dragonfly soaps, or select a bar of ready-made dragonfly bars.

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging

Dragonfly Soap for Gifts and Wellbeing

Clear Charcoal Oatmeal Soap
Clear – Face and Body Bar

I’m in love ❤️ 

I’m in love ❤️ This face wash doesn’t make my skin feel tight like other face washes have, and I love that there’s tea tree and charcoal in it!! And for the price point, I’m really impressed. My skin definitely looks happier.
~ Lauren E.

Calm - Lavender Handmade Soap
Calm – Lavender Handmade Soap

Can’t get enough of this bar. 

Can’t get enough of this bar. It smells amazing, without being overwhelming, and has a silk soft lather that we love.

Pure - Oatmeal and Calendula Handmade Soap
Pure – Oatmeal and Calendula Handmade Soap

This bar is my happy place.

It’s perfect. The size and shape, NEVER dropping it in the shower. The feel is creamy and slightly exfoliating going on. Between my asthma and eczema I am super sensitive to scents, and ingredients. (Problem child, right?) This bar is my happy place.
~Cinnamon Stanton

Natural Soap 3bar Bundle
3 Bar Bundle and Gift Set

Every soap we tried we have loved! 

It has been great for my partners psoriasis and my sensitive skin. The soaps are super moisturizing as well! We will definitely be continuing to purchase from Alō goods.
~Krystal M. 

Natural Dragonfly Soaps

The dragonfly carries the wisdom of transformation and is a symbol of change and light. When we see a dragonfly in nature, we are inspired by the awe and wonder of this magnificent small creature.

Dragonflies begin their life in water and then grow and evolve to fly in the air. (They have inhabited our planet for almost 300 million years!) Sighting a dragonfly often symbolizes a coming change in our own path, to embrace our own metamorphosis.  Its ability to lightly glide through the air is a reminder to us all to try to be adaptable to our own situations.

Dragonflies – A natural fayre for our handmade soaps

The dragonfly is characterized by the beauty of its colors and the lightness of its wings. Is it a wonder that they have been mistaken as a fayre? When we use the dragonfly stamp on our soaps, we have been inspired by the magic of the soap making process. In a truly special batch, we feel as if the fairies have journeyed with us and we celebrate this with the mark of the dragonfly.

Common Symbolism of the Dragonfly

  • Maturity and a depth of character
  • Power and poise
  • A defeat of self-created illusions
  • Focus on living in the moment
  • The opening of one’s eyes
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