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Enjoy fresh breath while promoting remineralization and a balanced ecosystem in your mouth with Alo Goods Mouthwash Crystals.

Natural Ingredients
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Sustainable Packaging
Oral Care Natural Tooth Soap
Tooth Suds 3 Bar Bundle

 This tooth soap is the best yet!

It leaves your teeth feeling clean and smooth, even better than a professional dental cleaning! I can’t wait until my next dental cleaning. For the first time in a very long time, I’m expecting kudos for my clean teeth, thanks to AloGoods tooth soap!

Oral Care Kit Citrus Mint
Natural Oral Care Trial Kit

I have enjoyed the kit

The toothbrush is great and smooth and the mouth wash is definitely potent. Great amount for the price.

Bamboo Tooth Brush
Bamboo Toothbrush

Love using this brush with the Alo Goods tooth suds! 

The bristles are a lot softer on my teeth and gums but I still feel like I’m getting a good clean!
~ Hannah Strange

Oral Care Citrus Mint Tooth Suds
Tooth Suds Toothbrushing Soap

will never go back to regular toothpaste again!! 

They are clean and refreshing and leave my teeth so smooth and clean it feels like a dental cleaning every time I brush.
~Jamimah B.

Fresh breath with zero waste!

Each pouch contains enough crystals to make 36 ounces of mouth wash. That is the equivalent to two large bottles of traditional mouthwash! It is alcohol-free, dye-free, plastic-free, and filled with natural goodness to nourish your mouth.

How to use Mouthwash Crystals:

  1. Add a fat pinch (1/4 tsp) to 1oz of water.
  2. Swish, Gargle, Spit.
  3. Store unused Mouthwash Crystals in an air-tight container (we use mason jars with reusable silicone lid liners)
  4. Compost the pouch when empty.

Mouthwash for a Complete Natural Oral Care Routine

We aim to promote a PH balanced mouth (to promote mineralization) and fresh breath... all without unnecessary packaging.

Here’s what's inside each compostable pouch of our mouthwash crystals:

  1. Dead Sea Salt for a PH balanced rinse to help protect your enamel and gums. It’s filled with beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  2. Xylitol boosts dental happiness and helps prevent tooth decay (*)
  3. Aloe Vera as a soothing agent filled with antioxidants & vitamins.
  4. Essential oils for smooth feeling fresh breath (in all but the Pure unflavored pouch)

Mouthwash Crystals

If you want to pre-mix, you can mix enough for a week, and store in the refrigerator. This is to prevent any potential bacterial development from a high water environment. We recommend mixing a single portion, just before brushing. By the time you’ve spent your 2 minutes brushing all of the crystals are dissolved and you’re ready to swish and gargle.

Yup! It’s all 100% compostable and suitable for backyard composting!

Mouthwash crystals are packaged in two sleeves. The inner pouch is glassine (a supercalendered paper)that’s moisture and oil resistant). The outer sleeve and labels are paper.

Products labeled with a temperature-sensitive notice are designed with ingredients that melt around body temperature. Especially in the summer months or in hot climates, these products can change in texture and consistency while in transit.

  • To protect your natural products in the early spring, through summer and late fall, select “Temperature Sensitive Shipping” at checkout. Your order will ship in our 100% compostable padded shipping insert.
  • If temperature-sensitive products arrive melted, we won’t be able to replace or refund them.
  • Once temperature-sensitive products arrive, keep in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

For Mouthwash Crystals:

Mouthwash crystals are sensitive to temperature and humidity. They may solidify in hot or high moisture environments. Our compostable pouches are suitable for retaining their intended consistency in average room-temperature environments, but they are not plastic! This means they are a bit more sensitive when shipping and storing.

If your Mouthwash Crystals solidify, yes, you can bang them apart with a mallet. We highly recommend that you use this opportunity to work out some frustrations and enjoy smashing them apart!

To prevent your Mouthwash Crystals from solidifying: store in an air-tight container and avoid excessive humidity and heat. We recommend storing a 1-2 week portion in a 2oz mason jar with a sealed lid (we use the silicon lids from Mason Jar Lifestyle, our favorite local mason jar company!)

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