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 Nourishing the Spirit with Knitting and More
Any knitter will tell you that knitting is a form of relaxation. I cherish the times I spend knitting—putting love into each stitch, and even knitting with a group of ladies at the local yarn store. Each stitch represents a part of the spirit that will keep a loved one wrapped in warmth and love. My years of knitting and sewing have resulted in a few patterns that I cherish and share with you here.

The beginnings of Alō Goods

Once upon a time… I made some handmade rice wraps as holiday gifts for friends and family. Rummaging through my cloth stash to find the perfect fabrics for each family member turned into a day long journey through memory lane. Each piece of “scrap” fabric was part of something that I had made for a family member—bringing up fond memories of the items made and time spent with each person. Today, each piece of fabric used for the rice wraps and purse organizers is hand selected in hopes that the patterns, colors, and textures will bring joy and fond memories to you.