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Tooth Suds are Fluoride-Free, SLS-Free, and have zero added glycerine. But we did add tea tree and charcoal to this bar!

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Natural Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging
Made In Usa
Animal Friendly
Palm Free

Coconut Free

Holistic Tooth Care – Activated Charcoal Soap for Teeth.

Tooth Suds is a pure and natural soap for teeth formulated with organic olive oil, aloe vera, and essential oils. It doesn’t taste like soap, but it does give you clean teeth and fresh breath! Just swipe, brush, and enjoy naturally clean teeth and a fresh mouth. Tooth Suds is a soap for teeth to help remineralize tooth enamel by promoting an alkaline PH in your mouth. It foams like traditional toothpaste, but without synthetic agents or lab-made chemicals. Our charcoal bar includes activated charcoal to help adsorb stains to whiten the teeth,  and tea tree essential oils for an earthy fresh taste. Each bar can last 3-4 months for one person, but most of our customers purchase both the original and charcoal bar to work together. Using the charcoal bar a few times a week will help adsorb stains from your teeth to help retain your shining smile. (We’re big fans of coffee AND tea over here, so we use the charcoal bar almost every day!)

Organic Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide (not present in the final product), Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Aloe Vera

Here’s how to brush your teeth with soap:

  1. Rinse your bar before use, then just scrub your toothbrush on the bar of Tooth Suds.
  2. Brush your teeth! (It’s recommended to brush for 1.5 minutes top and bottom, for a total of 3 minutes)
  3. Spit and rinse well (careful not to swallow, because, well it’s soap).
  4. Allow the bar to dry between uses to prolong the life of the tooth suds soap bar.

Wondering why Tooth Suds isn’t shredded, isn’t a powder, or isn’t in a jar?

Alternatives to toothpaste are typically powders that don’t contain soap (and thus don’t clean), or soaps that are shredded and in a jar. Shredded soap requires you to put more soap than you need into your mouth. It also requires a jar for storage… and who really wants that extra waste and packaging? With Tooth Suds bar soap, you simply swipe your toothbrush over the bar. Done. There’s no need to fiddle with little shreds of soap (although you could easily grate your bar if you prefer shredded soap for your teeth), and there’s no container to toss when the bar is used up. Toothbrush pictured for size reference only. Add a Toothbrush to your order here.


Activated Charcoal, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil


Coconut Oil Free, Shea Free, Vegan

Weight / Dimensions

1.5oz full bar (2 x 1.5 x 1 in)
.25oz Travel and Trial Size

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  1. I love this tooth soap because it whitens and cleans my teeth–while the “earth friendly” packaging is a big bonus. I have a facial neuralgia and harsh toothpastes bother me…not so with the tooth soap.

  2. I was amazed at how fast I received my order! The tooth soap only has a fresh tea tree oil scent. I was shocked at how smooth my teeth felt and how my teeth seemed instantly whiter. The taste was very mild. My mouth felt fresh without the lingering flavor that other tooth products leave. I also like the way it suds without having a thick pasty feel. My husband tried it and thought it did a good job. I already made another order to get the full sized bar and to try a couple other products.

  3. Great bars to tooth soap.. (doesn’t really taste like soap). My mouth, teeth feel so much cleaner.

  4. I love that there’s a zero waste option for tooth paste!

  5. It definitely tastes like soap. It isn’t a horrible taste, but it definitely takes a lot of getting used to. I’ve been using it for about a week and I found that with the shape of my tooth brush bristles (not completely flat) it is hard to pick it up so I really have to scrub it around on the bar but that’s no big deal. You have to use what feels like a lot in order to have it stay bubbly for the whole time you’re brushing, but when it gets bubbly it gets really bubbly.

    • Thank you for your feedback Liz! Less than 1% of users taste “something soapy” in the back of their mouth when using Tooth Suds. They always report that they stop noticing it after a few weeks of use. We always wonder what magical taste buds people like you have… we’re almost jealous as we suspect you taste some amazing food flavors!

  6. I have a very sensitive mouth and teeth due to cancer treatment, and toothpastes are often irritating to use. The Tooth Suds, however, is very gentle and cleans and whitens my teeth great with no irritation–and the taste is fine, it doesn’t taste like soap.

  7. My teeth feel so clean after brushing!!

  8. Love this as my teeth feel so clean after I use it. Unsure if it whitens my teeth as I use it only in the evenings and something else in the morning. I like the light flavor as it’s not overpowering.

  9. Love this minimal packaging

  10. Absolutely love both my tooth suds bars, the citrus and charcoal, and will never go back to regular toothpaste again!! They are clean and refreshing and leave my teeth so smooth and clean it feels like a dental cleaning every time I brush.

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Tooth Suds Toothbrushing Soap

The short answer is yes! When you use a bar of soap (or Tooth Suds) the oil attracting end of the soap molecule picks up the grease and oils on your skin. When you rinse, the water-attracting end of the soap molecule follows the water, rinsing the soap and any impurities down the drain when you wash it off (or spit it out). 

After washing or brushing your teeth, any bacterium that was present on either the soap or your hands/teeth is washed down the drain.

Here’s more information about why soap isn’t dirty and perfectly hygienic and sanitary.

Yes, you can! But be wary about which soap you choose as not all soaps are kind to your taste buds:

  • Look for a soap without any coconut oil, palm oil, or tallow. With these ingredients, it’s guaranteed to taste like soap, and the taste will linger for the entire day.
  • Avoid bars with colorants, some of which can be harsh on your enamel and gums. This includes baking soda. Baking soda is a great whitener, but it’s best saved for occasional use.
  • Avoid soaps with “flavorings”. While the essential oils we use in our Tooth Suds have a side effect of providing some flavor while brushing, “flavoring” ingredients will leave that “minty all day long, even if I want to drink OJ or coffee” taste. They are also probably covering up the “soap” taste from coconut oil or palm oil formulations.

Here’s why we brush our teeth with Tooth Suds:

Promoting remineralization with an alkaline PH: In an acidic environment, teeth begin to demineralize, which puts them at risk for cavities. In a more alkaline environment (like that of Tooth Suds), teeth can become stronger and remineralize!

Naturally clean teeth with no added sweeteners, no added glycerin: A clean mouth is a key to good oral hygiene. Soap is a great cleaner, and Tooth Suds is formulated to clean teeth without tasting like soap. With no added glycerine or sweeteners there’s no residue left after you finish brushing. And, our charcoal bar also helps reduce staining from our beloved sips of coffee and tea.

No more goopy toothpaste tubes, messy powders, or fiddly shreds: Since it’s a solid bar, you don’t need a plastic container to hold it, it travels well, doesn’t spill like tooth powders or shreds, and (while it’s a fun childhood memory for some) you can’t squeeze it all over the bathroom sink.

Want to read some more? wrote up an article that has a bit of history and more information about brushing with tooth soap. You can read it here.

We wouldn’t recommend sharing with a house guest, but sharing with anyone you kiss should be perfectly sanitary. Simply wash the bar with water first. This allows you to rinse off any germs or dirt that may be on the bar prior to use. The same goes for any bar of soap, simply rinse, then enjoy!

If you or your Tooth Suds partner have a highly contagious disease or your doctor has recommended not to share any hygiene products, do not share.

Want to know more about why tooth soap isn’t dirty? Here’s an article that explains it all.

Each bar will last for about 3 months with one person using it 3 times a day if kept dry between uses. We recommend using a wooden soap dish to keep your bar dry between uses.

No, there is no lye in our soap. However, all true soap is made through the saponification of oils with lye—either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Once saponified none of the lye remains, and the oils are turned into soap. You can read more how soap is made, cured, and cared for in these articles:

Alō products are made in a private kitchen, with clean and sterile equipment and quality ingredients. In fact, many of the ingredients are food grade…but please don’t eat your soap or body butter!

Like traditional toothpaste, kids can use Tooth Suds too. You’ll still want to supervise them (kids do the darndest things after all).

  • Make sure they don’t eat the soap or swallow the lather (which they’re less likely do to than with toothpaste since there are no added sweeteners)
  • Make sure they brush their entire mouth, including their tongue
  • And, teach them to brush at least twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Also remember to replace their toothbrush approximately every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed.

Yes, this is a bar of soap, formulated for washing your mouth and teeth. It’s a very gentle formula that makes a wonderful facial bar too.
Oh, and did we mention that it’s a great travel companion? No TSA liquid limits, nothing to spill, and nothing to goop out of tube an onto your clothing!

Next to “what does it taste like” this is probably the 2nd most popular question we answer about Tooth Suds. No, Tooth Suds does not contain fluoride, but that’s OK! If you need fluoride and yet want to be natural and zero waste with your oral care, Tooth Suds will still work for you – you don’t have to get fluoride from your toothpaste! Many people do not need fluoridated toothpaste (fluoride is common in our daily diets).

What the heck is Fluoride anyway?

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and water, and has been proven effective in fighting tooth decay and development of cavities. It is a base mineral on the periodic chart, F for fluorine, NaF is sodium fluoride; this is what helps our teeth, is added to our water, etc.

Throughout the day, minerals are added to and lost from a tooth’s enamel layer through demineralization and remineralization. Minerals are lost through demineralization when acids formed from sugars and plaque bacteria in the mouth attack the enamel. Minerals such as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride are redeposited (remineralization) to the enamel layer from the foods and water consumed. If you have more demineralization than remineralization, it can cause tooth decay. 

Fluoride helps make teeth more resistant to acid attacks from sugars and plaque bacteria in the mouth which prevents tooth decay and it also reverses early decay.  You may be getting enough naturally and may not need it in your toothpaste.

What are the sources of Fluoride outside of toothpaste?

Fluoride dissolves into the groundwater that we draw on for our drinking water, just like iron and calcium. When there is not enough fluoride in the water, local operators add just enough to ensure the perfect level to protect our teeth. The fluoride is pulled from natural calcium deposits in phosphate rock and then purified. And just like iron and calcium, we benefit from minerals that have countless additional applications throughout our lives.

Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first community to start adding fluoride to their water supply in 1945 to prevent tooth decay.  Fluoridation became an official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service by 1951. If you want to know how much fluoride is in your water supply, contact your dental professional. If your water does not contain fluoride, your dentist may prescribe fluoride tablets or drops to help protect your teeth from cavities.

  • Fluoride is found naturally in some fresh water sources like lakes and rivers, and even some ocean water contains fluoride.
  • Fluoride is found naturally in some foods, such as spinach, avocados, potatoes, grapes, raisins, and wines. However, these are very low levels of fluoride and may not be enough on their own.
  • Fluoride is also found in some supplements, and even low cost versions of green, oolong, black, and jasmine tea. There is also fluoridated bottled water available.

Another source is Fluoride Mouthwash, which is very effective in the control of dental decay especially in those that are wearing orthodontics. These are also popular with teenagers and young adults who are more prone to frequent snacking on sweets and drinking acidic or sweet drinks between meals. Fluoride mouthwash is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

Should everyone use Fluoride toothpaste?

If a person’s teeth are naturally resistant, meaning their teeth already have high fluoride content, they may not need fluoride toothpaste.  Or, they may be getting enough fluoride from their water, food, or mouthwash. It is very important to visit your dentist regularly so this can be monitored.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) recommends that children under 6 are monitored closely for their fluoride intake due to those years being important for tooth development. Overuse of fluoride at this point can result in enamel fluorosis, which is a developmental condition where the tooth enamel appears as white lines or spots on the teeth. Children under 6 should use only a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. If you live in a community where the natural fluoride levels are high in your water, you may not want to use fluoridated toothpaste at all for your children under 6.

Additional Resources on Fluoride:

Let’s start with what is DOESN’T taste like — washing out mouth out with soap. That’s right, it doesn’t taste like soap. About 1% of our customers report that they have a slight “soapy” taste the first few times they try it, but they don’t notice it after using it for a few brushes.

Tooth Suds are not “flavored” with artificial flavors, but they do contain essential oils (at safe dermal usage rates), giving them a mild flavor.

Tooth Suds is technically a bar of soap. This means you can use it to wash your skin (or hair) too! If you don’t like brushing with it, enjoy a super silky and gentle wash with the bar. We use it as our go-to travel bar… one bar to pack for all of our washing needs while on the go!

For safety and hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns for our all-natural skincare products. However, if something doesn’t seem right when you receive your order, please let us know right away. Your satisfaction is incredibly important to us, and we truly believe that you’ll love our products.

Unless otherwise noted, all items sold individually. Pictures show multiple items to illustrate size, shape, and variances in our handcrafted goods.

Disclaimer:  Alō products are handmade using natural ingredients. Please allow for color and design differences in each batch.
Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. There is no guarantee of specific results. Alo Goods assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

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