Custom Made Bulk Soap


A full batch of cold process soap—perfect for gifts, custom branding, or to create a unique bar of soap for your skin type.

Custom made soap batches consist of approximately 42-ounces of soap, depending on your additives. Orders ship in 4-6 weeks to allow time to make and cure your custom made soap.

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Beldi orders will be shipped in a quart mason jar.

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Product Specifications

Natural Additives

, , , , , , , ,

Aroma Blends (all natural Essential Oils)

, , ,

Base Oils

, , , , , ,


This is a lovely soap, suitable for most skin types and is available as unscented or scented with your choice of essential oils. Each bar weighs between 3 – 4 ounces and is crafted from a blend of coconut and olive oils.

You can enhance your custom soap bars with the addition of aloe vera, avocado oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, and more!

Natural Custom Made Soap Cut Style Options

All bulk bar soaps are made with 34 ounces of oils and result in 40-42 ounces of soap.

The amount and type of additives, as well as the cut style, will affect the final weight of each batch and bar.

10 Standard Bars
3.5 – 4 OZ each
2.75 x 2 x 1.25 inch (approximate)

Skin Light Soap Bars

10 Tall and Skinny Bars
3.5 – 4 OZ bars
2 x 3 x 1 inch (approximate)

Bulk Handmade Natural Soap

10 Half Rounds
3.5 – 4 OZ bars
3 x 2.125 x 1.5 inches (approximate)

Custom Beldi Soap

Beldi (Gel Paste)
A wonderfully nourishing gel soap.
Ships in a one-quart mason jar.

Natural Soap Bulk Color Options

These bars are a natural off-white/cream and can be colored with natural colorants.  Alō soaps are created with 100% all natural additives, and the range of color each time you use a natural colorant is part of the beauty of all natural soaps. Exact colors cannot be guaranteed. Colors will vary between batches.

  • Black: activated charcoal provides a black that will range from a dark gray to a smokey black.
  • Brown: a rich coffee brown achieved by the use of brewed and coffee in the soap batter!
  • Green: a natural green with the addition of spirulina powder. Note: greens tend to fade when exposed to light and soaps should be stored away from light.
  • Orange: a bright vibrant orange can be created by an infusion of annatto seeds to the base oils.  
  • Purple: a lovely purple, but not a bright shocking purple is achieved by the addition of alkanet infused oils.
  • Pink:  the addition of pink Australian clay adds a lovely touch to your soap, and can range from a faint pink to a lovely rose pink shade depending on the amount used.

Looking for a special design for your soap?

  • Select “swirled” as an option and I’ll create a custom swirled soap with your color (white base soap, swirled with the color of your choice).
  • Select the layered option and I’ll create a lovely bar layered with your color of choice.

Bulk Bar Soap Packaging Options

You can order your soap “naked” of fully customize the label for your brand or event (even a baby shower or wedding)

  1. Naked Bar: I’ll ship you a box of soaps “naked” with no labeling.
  2. Linen Bags with Alō Labels: each bar will be hand packed in our standard linen bags and hang tags
  3. Linen Bags with Custom Labels: each bar will be hand packed in our standard linen bags and a custom hang tag. Basic label design includes placing your supplied logo and message on a standard hang tag.

Want even more customization options? Contact me so we can discuss the soap of your dreams (including custom stamps, patterns, shapes, scents, and styling).


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