Fluid Art Pendant – Handmade Necklace


Limited edition fluid cart pendants… handmade by our sister company, Desert Hippie Arts!

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Fluid Art Pendant Necklaces

These unique fluid art pendants are created by a technique of painting (fluid art) which can never be duplicated. The art is protected by a glass cabochon and adhered to a metal bezel for a true one-of-a-kind charm. Each pendant is suspended by a 15” black cord and ships in a brown fabric bag.

Handmade by our sister company, Desert Hippie Arts in Tucson, Arizona.

Erika (owner of Desert Hippie Arts) and Kandra (our founder) are two sisters who grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up they supported each other in everything they did (in-between their share of sisterly arguments of course). All grown up, the sisterly arguments evolved into sharing stories of their own families and the support expanded to include each of their businesses.

I’m so blessed to have such an amazing sister, who is an invlauable support system for me even though we live a few states apart. I burst with joy for her with each new painting she creates and I take great pride in celebrating her art. I hope your pendant brings you similar joy each time you wear it. ~Kandra Churchwell, Owner, Alō Goods.

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Pendant size

Pendants are approximately 1inch square or round. Necklaces are 16 inches. Random pendants are selected for your order.


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