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Guest bar soaps add a unique charm to wedding place settings, make cherished gifts for baby showers, and are the “cherry on top” for your Air BnB offerings.  Personalize with a custom label, or order naked bars ready for your own design.


Personalize your soaps:

Optional - we'll stamp your soap with a logo or design you supply. Stamp creation is from your supplied art.

Each batch is handmade, and soaps need ample time to cure, please order approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your event or need-by date.

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Mini Guest Soaps for Bed and Breakfasts, Weddings, Baby Showers, Party Favors, and more.

Our handmade guest soaps are always cherished by guests and can be customized for your event. We use the same base oils as our popular Pure soap and customize each batch for your event. Included with your order you can customize the scent, color, and ingredients!

Scent your soap favors with essential oils.

Choose from the following essential oils – select one or combine them to make a unique blend:

  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Patchouli
  • Spearmint
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemongrass
  • Geranium
  • Custom options available too!

Color your guest bar soaps with any of our natural botanical colorants.

We use natural colorants in all of our soap: no micas, dies, lab-made, or synthetics. As such colors can vary between each batch.

  • Black: activated charcoal provides a black that will range from a dark gray to a smokey black.
  • Brown: a rich brown achieved by the use of cocoa powder in the soap batter.
  • Green: a natural green with the addition of spirulina powder. Note: greens tend to fade when exposed to light and soaps should be stored away from light.
  • Orange: created by an infusion of annatto seeds.
  • Purple: a lovely purple, but not a bright shocking purple is achieved by the addition of alkanet infused oils.
  • Pink:  can range from a faint pink to lovely deep rose pink. Achieved with madder root, clays, and other botanicals.
  • Blue: we use natural blue indigo powder to achieve a lovely shade of blue.

Custom Labels for your Soap Favors

We can ship your soaps naked (no packaging) or we can create a custom label for your business or event.

We offer 8 label styles, all printed on recycled kraft paper.

  1. A simple thank you
  2. Up to three lines of text with a hart swash
  3. Up to four lines of text with a flower swash
  4. Up to three lines of text with a flower swash
  5. Baby shower with up to four lines of text (shown with three lines “from our shower to yours”
  6. Up to three lines of text with abstract swash
  7. Custom imprint area, perfect for your logo or custom art (1.5-inch wide x 1-inch tall)
  8. Up to three lines of text with flower swash

We can also add a burlap ribbon behind each label to add more flare to your presentation. Burlap ribbon is available in cream and seasonal colors. Please contact us for specific color requests.

Handmade and Hand-cut Guest Soap Favors

Each bar (and label) is handcrafted and hand-cut making each one unique. These guest soaps are approximately 1.5 ounces each, measuring 1.75 inches wide, 3 inches tall, and cut to .5 in thick. As they are hand-cut, expect a slight variance in size between each bar.

Additional information

Natural Oils



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25 bars, 50 bars, 100 bars


Naked, Label, Label & Burlap

Weight / Dimensions

1.5-ounce bars / 1.75in x .5in x 3in each


As each batch is handmade, and soaps need ample time to cure, please order approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your event date. Soaps will ship 2-4 weeks after your order is placed and will include a card indicating when they are ready for gifting.


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