Magical Myrrh – Shea Butter, Myrrh, and Patchouli Bar


A magical bar of soap from myrrh-infused olive oil, shea butter, and a touch of patchouli with aloe, honey, and clays. Extra large cut at 4.8 ounces!

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Product Specifications

Base Oils


Aroma Blends (all natural Essential Oils)

Natural Additives

, , , , ,

Additional Ingredients

Myrrh powder, Myrrh infused olive oil, Patchouli Essential Oil


This is a truly magical bar of soap.. and I almost kept them all for myself. Only 12 bars exist, so get them before I use them all up.

As I was straining some powdered myrrh from an oil infusion, I was inspired to create a gently exfoliating bar with the remaining powder. The resulting bar has lusciously silky lather and a magical aroma from the powdered myrrh resin with a base of patchouli essential oil. The addition of honey, aloe vera, shea butter, clays, and salt water create a hard bar that’s sure to last for many showers to come.

I can’t stop smelling this soap… it’s so relaxing, enchanting, and heavenly!


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