Alō Goods — Dedicated to All Natural Ingredients

alō :Latin: to feed, nourish, support, sustain, maintain

Alō products are handcrafted from 100% nature-made ingredients so you can cleanse & nourish your skin with products free of parabens, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, and other harsh chemicals.

At Alō Goods, natural means derived from nature and excludes man-made replications (such as mica colorants) and aroma replicas (such as fragrance oils). Nature has provided powerful elements to clean and nourish our bodies, and by harvesting from our pesticide-free home garden and sourcing sustainable options—we hope to bring a bit of nurture through nature into your home.

The following lists include ingredients used in Alō Goods products. Whatever products you use, ensure they are crafted with natural ingredients suitable for your skin type, sensitivities, and needs.

Butters and Oils from Nature

Base oils are used in skincare products and create the bulk of Alō Goods handmade soaps. In soap, they are mixed with sodium hydroxide and/or potassium hydroxide to create a chemical process called saponification to create true soap.

Almond OilAvocado OilCanola OilCoconut OilOlive OilShea ButterCocoa ButterBeeswaxCastor OilJojoba OilMeadowfoam Seed Oil

All Natural Aroma’s

Scented with only the pure aroma of the oils, butters, and essential oil, Alō Goods are sensitive to your nature. And for those sensitive to mother nature, the Alō Pure line is free of all essential oils and crafted with common sensitivities in mind.

The Alō Signature Lines:

Calm—with Lavender 
Peppy—Orange and Mint

Limited Edtion Blends are crafted in both unscented and unique essential oils such as: 

Clary Sage, Clove, Lavender, Niaouli, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), and Ylang Ylang to name a few.

Natural Additives

Additional natural additives are used to create texture, scent, and color to Alō Goods skincare and soaps. Unlike other body care products, Alō Goods are free of man-made micas, lab colors, chemical “fragrance oils”, and other additives that have been known to cause common skin sensitivities.

A partial listing of Alō Natural Additives includes:

Activated Charcoal, Alkanet Root, Aloe Vera, Annatto Seed (color), Calendula, Citrus Juice, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Milk, Coffee, Cream, Cucumber, Dandelions, Egg, Ethanol, Glycerin, Goat Milk, Honey, Indigo Powder, Kaolin Clay, Lavender Buds, Madder Root, Oatmeal, Saffron, Salts / Sodium.

A full listing of all ingredients for each product is displayed on each product page throughout the site.