Summer, Heat, and Melting Body Butters

I recently returned from a visit to sunny Arizona. Visiting my family, enjoying the local music, seeing the saguaros bloom… it was great! Just one thing put a bit of a damper on the trip – full blown 103 degrees Tucson weather! YIKES! I was melting, and so was my body butter.

Alō Body Butter is a blend of natural Oils and Butters (Shea, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil) and waxes (Jojoba and Bees Wax). As a natural product, it’s susceptible to nature… that means it can melt in your car, in the blazing summer heat, or anytime it’s exposed to temperatures above around 90 degrees.

The good news is, melted body butter is perfectly safe to use. In fact, your body temperature, and the act of massaging it, melts the butter as you use it.

Whipped Body Butter

So, why was I a bit upset about my melted body butter in the desert heat?

The butter cooled back down after a few hours inside and had a grainy feeling to it. You might think that means the butter is spoiled, but it’s not. There’s no need to toss the lovely butter as the graininess is simply cosmetic and completely harmless. The graininess (or butter bumps) are a result of different fatty acids cooling down at different temperatures.

After melting, the fatty acids will eventually turn solid again, but each does so at a different temperature. If they cool slowly, they can crystallize into large clumps, which causes the graininess. If they cool quickly, they won’t have time to crystallize and you’ll have smooth body butter once again.

If you don’t mind the texture, you’re all set. If (like me) you prefer your body butter to always be a silky smooth experience, you can temper your butter back to its original state.

Smoothing Out Body Butter Bumps

First, slowly melt your butter. You can zap is for a few seconds at a time in the microwave (use a microwave-safe container), or by using a double boiler on low heat. Be very careful to avoid water splashing into the product, and be very careful not to overheat or boil the butter.

If your body butter is already melted from natural heat exposure, no need to melt it again.

Next, place the butter in the freezer for 3-5 minutes. You will notice the product solidifying and you can continue to cool your butter in the freezer or whip it. The whipping will return the butter back to it’s original “as shipped” state. Simply whisk the butter before it’s completely solidified (when it looks a bit like pancake batter). I whipped mine with a clean and sterile min-whisk that I had, but you can also use a fork. Continue whipping until the oils are a fluffy whipped consistency.

Tip: We have a few customers who love using their own essential oils with the Pure Body Butter. It’s unscented, making it the perfect base for adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Just melt, cool to whipping state, add the essential oils, and whip away!

Want to see what melted my body butter?

Here are a few pictures from my trip!

Ordering Body Butter in the Summer? No problem!

Just select “Temperature-Sensitive Shipping” at checkout. We’ll ship your order with our 100% compostable insulated mailer insert. We were shocked at how effective these innocent-looking paper pouches are.

Note: Melted orders shipped without temperature senstive shipping will not be refunded.

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