Wrap the Perfect Gift

A thoughtful wrapper makes a handmade gift just that much more exciting to receive, and to gift! Each gift I give has a has a wrapping that either matches the gift, or holds some meaning for the recipient. And, they usually are pretty simple (even for non-crafters) to make.

Here are a few wrapping ideas in time for the holiday wrapping bonanza we are all enjoying this season.

Wrap the perfect gift.

Quick and Easy Wrapping Ideas:

Doodle Paper

A simple idea that requires zero crafting skills,and is very kid friendly. In fact, my kids used to create doodle wrapping paper for all of our gifts, and I absolutely loved them.

Image from Play Buzz

Image from Play Buzz

Grab a paper bag, or turn some wrapping paper inside out, and doodle!

  • Write some inside jokes, or their name, or just words that represent things they like
  • Add some stick figures—100% acceptable and sometimes the absolute best decorations
  • For the more adventurous doodlers…
    • Use some stamps (or make some potato stamps if you are feeling extra adventurous)
    • Cut and paste from magazines, comics, or other found paper to make a collage

Depending on the shape of the gift, you may want to decorate either before or after wrapping (i.e. if you are wrapping a soft item, best to decorate the wrapping before you wrap it to avoid poking holes.)

Gussy Up a Paper Bag

Option 1: Doodle just like doodle paper, but on a paper bag!

Option 2: Let the simple paper bag be the canvas for colorful tissue paper, ribbons, stickers, or other embellishments. (This tie bag would be a great way to wrap the shirts I make for my boys)


Fabric Wrapping Ideas

Sew a Bag


I almost always choose this option if the gift was something I sewed, and use the leftover fabric for the bag. And, I still have some holiday fabric gift bags that were gifted to us years ago – I use them every year to put new presents in!

Here’s a great tutorial from Positively Splended for a lovely gift bag.

Fabric as Wrapping Paper

If you are gifting to a crafter, I highly recommend wrapping the gift in fabric. It’s a simple way to customize the wrapping, and it’s an extra gift! Go to any fabric store, and ask if they have any fat eighths or quarters (or just tell them what you are wrapping—they’ll be happy to help!).

I recommend that you visit a local fabric store over the big box stores, they are generally more helpful and welcoming to non-crafters who are not sure what they are looking for.

Pile of colorful folded textile.

Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts

Make a box

I love love love this website:www.templatemaker.nl Complete with boxes, bags, envelopes, and even a coffin pattern that you can fully customize based on the shape of your object!

The gift box maker is similar to the boxes I made for my graveyard soaps, and the Match Box maker is a good starting point for something similar to my Butterfly blocks gift box.

Hide the present

This is one of my favorite ways to gift something extra special, but a bit odd shaped. Simply give the recipient a nice card. Include a sweet (or snarky – depending on the occasion!) message, and end it with a note to go open the closet, look out the window, or where ever you put the unwrapped gift. I still remember when my family gave me my sewing machine this way – it was super sweet, and a memory I cherish.

Looking for more gift wrapping ideas?

I’ve been collecting a few great finds over on my gift Idea Pin Board. Take a look, and you’ll find more wonderful gift wrapping ideas!

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