Zero Waste Reusable Tins

As a company that is passionate about creating products from nature, we took a logical and complementary process for our packaging. We work hard to send our products to you in sustainable packaging and we have recently switched a few of our products to metal tins which are reusable, recyclable, and made in the USA.

It is so exciting for us to help the Zero Waste concept catch on by offering product packaging that can be used as something else. Just like with our zero waste soap bags, we have some fun ideas for you to reuse our tins after you use all of the amazing products that are in them. FYI – Our tins are tin-plated steel containers and are food-grade so you can wash and upcycle them again and again!

Let’s dive into some zero waste reusable options for our metal tins:

Zero Waste Craft Supply Storage:

Keep those small craft items, like buttons or stickers, organized in the metal tins. You can label them and keep handy on your table or in your project bags.

Spice Holders for a Zero Waste Kitchen

Keep your favorite spices handy in one of our tins. Pull out that sharpie, or get creative with some labels, and you’ll have some great containers to stash your spices and teas.

Zero Waste Spice Tins

You can also use magnets with our tins! You can pick up a pack of magnets at any craft store and they will stick to the bottom of the tin (you can also glue them on if you’re worried about them detaching and have small children or pets). Then, you can attach your new storage tin to any magnetic surface (just think of how useful your fridge door will be!).

Upcycle Gift Box that’s also a Gift

Need a quick gift wrap? Our tins are perfect for gifting small items and make a gift themselves! No wrapping necessary, just add a cute bow, and let them know how to reuse the tin.

Zero Waste Tooth Fairy:

How adorable would it be for your child to place the tooth they lost into our small tin for the Tooth Fairy! You can hot glue a crafted flower on the top or a picture of a character your child loves. The inside can be filled with tissue paper or a piece of felt on the bottom to protect the tooth. Imagine the fun your child would have knowing the Tooth Fairy will see their homemade tooth box!

Zero Waste, and Organized, Travel:

These tins are perfect for travel due to their size, store jewelry, trinkets or medication easily. Or keep your small snacks in them like candies, mints or nuts.

Create A Treasure Box:

If you have little ones and you like to hike or camp, you know they probably love gathering rocks and tokens they find outside. Let them decorate a tin as their own treasure box and tell them they can only bring back what they can fit into the tin.

Decorating Ideas to UpcycleYour Zero Waste Tin:

Here are just a few ideas to get you started customizing and re-using your tins.

  • You can use glues to add fabric, rolled cork or decorative paper (like a map) to the tin to change how it looks.
  • You can use non-toxic paint to decorate (you may need to lightly sand the surface of the tin so the paint has something to adhere to).
  • You can embellish the tins with stickers or washi tape.
  • You can glue buttons to the outside of the tin.
  • You can wrap the tin in raffia, strips of burlap, or twine.
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