Zero Waste Soap Ideas

Zero Waste Soap Bags that You Can Use Again and Again (and again!)

Zero Waste is fast becoming a household phrase. It focuses on the conservation of all resources by being more responsible in the production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all products and materials without threatening the environment. While going zero waste is a step by step process and is something everyone can strive for, it’s important to note that it’s a utopia. Nothing will ever be fully zero waste. But we can get close! Finding ways to re-use packaging that contained something you purchased is a large step towards zero waste utopia.

Here at Alō Goods we package all our products in re-usable, recycled, recyclable, and compostable packages. One of our favorite packages is our soap bags… because they are super re-usable!

Go Zero Waste with Your Soap

The Zero Waste Soap Saver:

Place pieces of soap bars that are too small to keep using into the bag, you can then use the entire bag as a pre-soaped washcloth. This is a great way to get the most out of your favorite Alō Goods Soap and to be the ultimate zero waste soap coinsurer.

Zero Waste Soap

The Gardeners Soap Sack

Use our bags as a “Soap Sack” outside, simply leave the soap in the bag and hang it over your outside spigot. Leave the soap in the bag and use the entire bag to wash your hands when you are done gardening or working in the yard. Just hang it back on the spigot to dry.

Garden Soap

Reduce, Reuse, Drink Tea Bag

What??? Yes you can! First, wash the bag. Then, add your favorite loose-leaf tea to the bag and steep it, so convenient.

Zero Waste Tea Bag

Potpourri Sachets for Zero Waste Aromas

Simply fill one of our zero waste soap bags with your favorite potpourri or dried herbs and stash them throughout your house or in your car. Here are a few of our favorite blends:

  • Lavender Buds & Cedarwood Chips to keep moths away.
  • Dried Balsam, Fir, and Pine Tree for that woodsy scent in your closets, drawers or bathrooms.
Zero Waste Potpourri

Go Zero Waste with a Gift Bag

How fun would it be to receive a gift in one of these cute bags? Use it for small gifts or gift cards. You can even decorate the bags yourself and personalize them.

Zero Waste Gift Bag

Reuse our soap bags as a Travel Pouch

Traveling requires planning and organization and these bags can be used for many things while packing, chargers, change, hair accessories etc. If you are one of those travelers who travels with carry-on luggage only, our bags work exceptionally well for makeup. Especially all-natural Mineral Makeup that is usually packaged in smaller containers and will pass TSA standards.

Our favorite are the sample size jars from Pure Confidence Minerals, the powder lasts about a week and travels very well. You can use one bag for mineral makeup, one for brushes and even one for your skincare. They will keep you organized wherever you are traveling, being a hotel room or guest room with friends or family, your makeup is all in one place ready for use.

Zero Waste Travel Bag

We hope we have opened your eyes and gotten you excited to re-use our Soap Bags. Now, tell us what you have used them for, or are going to use them for!

Follow us on Instagram at @ShopAloGoods and post pictures re-using our Zero Waste Soap Bags on with #ReuseYourSoapBag, we are excited to see how creative you all can be.

Need a soap bag? Order any of our signature soaps to get one!

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So glad I tried this! Great product model - I feel good for putting less plastic into the world.
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I absolutely ADORE AloGoods!! They’re always extremely helpful on answering questions and helping you figure out exactly what you need. Their products are incredible (I highly recommend the PURE bar soap), and they have very speedy delivery.
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This company has the most wonderful scents, and the best “feeling” ingredients. I can tell by the smell that everything that goes into these soaps are so fresh and yummy! Highly recommended!
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